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Ep. 27: Bassist/Educator Ariane ‘Ari’ Cap

July 24, 2019

Ari Cap is a prolific bassist, educator and author who's passion is performing and teaching musicians. She grew up in Austria surrounded by classical music. Ari them came to Miami to further her studies and perform in a wide variety of bands and musical styles. Education has always played a huge part in her music career. She has written books such as "Music Theory For The Bass Player" as well as her new on line project, "Ear Confidence".

Ari has recorded and performed with Grammy award winning producers, her bassoon / bass project with Paul Hanson - Oon, The Sippy Cups and more. You can hear throughout this conversation how energetic and passionate she is about all she does. Ari was also featured on the recent cover of "Bass Guitar Magazine" as one of the hottest players in the world. All musicians will get a wealth of knowledge from this episode. Enjoy. Blog & Education Website.  Website.


  • Growing up in Austria
  • The lure of the bass combined with science
  • Ear training & theory
  • The Miami experience
  • Jazz
  • "Ear Confidence" training course
  • Music projects
  • Tips for working musicians
  • Songwriting
  • Victor Wooden
  • Dave Holland
  • Stanley Clarke
  • Marcus Miller
  • Favorite bass/drum combo
  • Steve Harris
  • Ron Carter
  • Esperanza Spaulding
  • Favorite classical music piece
  • A song you wish you had written
  • Should a musician leave California?

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