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Ep. 1: Pop Sensation Miss Krystle

May 30, 2019

(Originally released on 09.05.17. See for complete show notes & photos)

Displaying a smart business mind, incredible vocal, songwriting and production talent and a humanitarian side, Miss Krystle is ready to conquer the pop music world. The Phoenix based entertainer has been performing since she was 15 and shows no signs of stopping. You will learn quite a bit by listening to Miss Krystle's interview.

"There is more to Miss Krystle than her flaming red hair! Miss Krystle is a modern day superhero. Entertainment attorney by day, incredible musician by night.

Miss Krystle has been writing and releasing music since she was 15 and is her number one passion. She has found incredible success on Beatport, Soundcloud, Pandora and YouTube as well as working with Grammy winning producers.

She is a musician, entrepreneur, humanitarian and a vegan. She is a "Woman In Motion." At the time of this podcast she had just released her latest single "Inevitable". Learn more about Miss Krystle on her website "

"We live for the idea that things will get better, but the best is yet to come." - Miss Krystle

"You can't expect for anyone to pay for your dreams." - Miss Krystle


  • The inspiration for "Inevitable"
  • Miss Krystle's Songwriting Technique
  • Video Production
  • Investing In Music
  • The Dawn Of A Pop Star
  • The Britney Spears Marilyn Manson Marriage
  • Being A Female In A Male Industry
  • Music Streaming
  • Who Would You Like To Collaborate With?
  • Favorite Song / Video Out Now - (Taylor Swift)
  • Miss Krystle's Favorite Song / Video
  • Young Ones United

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